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something that is odd and wonderful at the same time
a zigglepuff is three people sleeping in a sleeping bag naked in a recycling bin. The recycling bin is in the middle of time square, and Barry Manilo (wearing boxers with a large hole in the crotch, and ass) is playing a remix of that nookie song by limp biscuit. the audience mostly made up of penguins and foreign people. All the taxi drivers in the state of new york get out of their cars and stand the hoods, and scream yodels so loud that an avalanche of people fall from the buildings onto mass piles of pecan pie and begin eating until they become pregnant (men and women)and give birth to more pecan pie children. then all the sweet children grow up to be eaten by all the penguins at the Barry Manilow limp biscuit tribute concert. mean while the people naked in the recycling bin lives go unchanged because they never knew that all just happened
by hou E October 01, 2007
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