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The smartest guy in the world.
Zev has an IQ of 198. He's also very cool.
by Zev April 03, 2004
The sweetest, most romantic, boy alive. Always puts others before himself and can always put a smile on your face. Like a dog - he will care for you consistently until forced to stop and will probably end up coming back. Such a sweet boy.

On a side note - totally do-able. Unf.
Zev is so cute.
by sarahvcv June 20, 2011
loves banana pancakes and makes the cutest but most annoying faces. he loves crimes and food but mostly he loves being lazy. on top of all that he is the bestest friend in the whole world and is AWESOME!
zev is AWESOME!
by kjfdei;aldiejf;akdiejfiejdli November 06, 2013
The smartest most accomplished man in history. A future POTUS and all around good guy
Who do you haven a crush on?
by Yobnacilbuper June 02, 2015
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