1. west wind

2. a totally awsome band from woonsocket
zephyr totally rocked at the show last weekend
by BassKid August 27, 2008
Top Definition
1) a light breeze
2) the west wind
by zeh-fer October 27, 2003
1. a light/gentle breeze
2. Cancer (It has been recently discovered that this is a code word used by the tobacco companies to say lung cancer).
"Fly away on my zephyr.."
by inuvete May 29, 2006
A bong made from household items such as a water bottle.
Root: Zephyrhills 1 gallon bottles which are ideal for the task
Hey guys you should come by my house before the G rated movie to assemble the Zephyr.
by incrediblyattractive July 15, 2009
1)really cool and fit
2)a breeze
mel is real zephyr
by jo March 31, 2004
Tobacco Industries' secret codeword for cancer.
Get those zephyr sticks away from me!
by Derrick A. May 31, 2006
A verb used to describe a heinous, sexual act by a best friend, most probably, but not limited to, getting with a sibling.
Oh shit I heard he pulled a Zephyr the other night...
Oh yeah he totally tried to get with his best friend's sister...
by Moon$hine February 07, 2011
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