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Zeny, the currency used in Ragnarok Online
Damn, i need zeny
by Chimpz0rz March 31, 2004
An incredibly stupid person who sloppy in appearance and manner waddles around spreading bad energy like the plague.
Guy 1: Zeny's here.
Guy 2: Damnit! I was having such a great day!
#zenny #idiot #bitch #dumnbass #dipshit
by the_douche November 29, 2014
blup blup dunt woch zeny, if you zeny, doss, if you chat about zeny, doss, if you laugh at zeny, doss, if you wna merk zeny, doss, nefink else, doss!
piece of advice: doss
man see's zeny: *gets on floor* here zeny have my shoes, chain, watch etc. etc.
woman see's zeny:'wuz ur name baby?' BEN DOVER!
by zeny donnfingg blup blup March 29, 2005
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