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Same as kneenis.
The fleshy part of skin on the outside of your knee, similar to the wenis.
Guy to girl: Hey Rose, you wanna feel my zenis?
Girl to guy: Hey, do you like my zenis? Wanna touch it?
#kneenis #zeenus #wenis #weenus #skin
by verk August 21, 2006
Zipper penis = zenis. The bulge on one's jeans, usually girls', caused by a lumpy zipper.
Ugh! These new jeans make me have an intense zenis.
#zipper #penis #bulge #lump #jeans
by Tien N. February 28, 2008
Zebra penis
I have not yet seen zenis.
by Grenisthewenis January 14, 2016
Another slang term for money. Originated from the anime series Kill la Kill, where one of the characters who is profoundly rich and prints his own money called Zeni, which has pictures of himself, holding stacks of his own money.
"Special edition Blu-Rays? Shut up and take all my Zeni."
#money #dosh #quid #dinero #cash #cheddar #greenbacks
by TakaradaKaneo December 24, 2014
(n) a female version of a
My friend is a zenis.
by Alexa December 26, 2003
A shorter form of the penis. Grown in large quantites by the "CREATOR" Zen.
1) Look at that guys "ZENIS"
2) I wish that guy would put away his "ZENIS".
by Josh Everton March 16, 2003
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