1. The abbreviation for the (extremely awesome) Legend of Zelda series.
2. The character, princess Zelda, in above stated game.
3. Potentially, a girl's name.
1. Did you get the new Zelda game?
2. Dude 1:How far are you?
Dude 2:I'm at the part where you meet Zelda.
3. Zelda's coming to my house after school today.
by Rebecca Lyall April 15, 2005
Best game series ever!
I just beat zelda the wind waker yesterday.
by joe April 16, 2003
(1) Abbreviated form of The Legend of Zelda games made by Nintendo.
(2) Princess Zelda, character in The Legend of Zelda. She is the daughter of the ruling family of Hyrule, and also helps to protect her part of the Triforce, Wisdom.
(1) The new Zelda is more realistic than the Wind Waker
(2) Princess Zelda has pointy ears and doesn't smile often.
by Zelda Player August 17, 2004
Possibly the best video game series I've ever played. The best of them all being A Link to the Past, followed by Ocarina of Time..
God, if I could legally marry a video game it would be Legend of Zelda.
by badmothafucka July 29, 2005
...I just like it. I don't know why.
Slash slash swish BANG!!!
by Tianto November 23, 2004
A video game that explains why many men in their forties don't have children.
"Yeah, I was gonna go out with Cathy, but damn! I was nearly out of the Shadow Temple, so I cancelled to finish up 'Ocarina'. Now Cathy is married to Bob. But hey! TWILIGHT PRINCESS comes out soon!"
by Ultraboy July 20, 2005
The single most valuable franchise in history, of every industry.
Link is making sweet sweet love with ZELDA in the castle. Then ganon attacks. The Legend of Zelda: Trouble in Paradise.
by Mike Butler August 31, 2003

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