A pretty, hot, friendly girl who is a great friend, amazing dancer, singer and actress. Cheers you up whenever, and has a strong character - she's not afraid to stand up for herself!
Hey, who's that hot girl over there?
That's Zelda
by just_a_random_girl December 02, 2014
Zelda is a term used to describe something hella cool or awesome.
I'm hella fuckin zelda. This party is hella zelda
by Boss dog May 24, 2008
1) the best seirs of games ever

2) a bitch who does nothing but take link (he's mine bitch)!
zelda: ahhh! ahhh! ahhh! link help me!

Link:no bitch ur go fuck yourslef
by retardedcat March 17, 2004
Noun: An unoriginal, formulaic medium; something that repackages and resells what is essentially the same exact thing over and over again

Verb: To become unoriginal; to develop a crippling fear of originality or inspiration
Noun: The main problem with the movie was that it was a total Zelda, y'know?

Verb: God, I used to like these fucking games, but they really started to Zelda after the first one for the GameCube.
by Come at me, shitlords July 17, 2013
An adventure game that you get owned in then any other game. But it can be fun until you get owned
That creature owned me in Zelda but i'll still play because i have nothing else better to do
by omnomnom!!11 June 02, 2009
a dull and ugly female (probably from a derisive reference to Zelda Fitzgerald)
If he still calls a girl he dislikes a Zelda, he must be out of touch with history.
by The Return of Light Joker September 16, 2011
1. Possibly the only somewhat-normal female name starting with a Z.

2. A Nintendo owned characted that acts out the typical damsel in distress stereotype in the game series carrying her name. Sadly, it becomes Link's job to save her in every version of the game. A Later game (smash brothers melee) gives her some credit in which she can use her insanely weak magic (which has been boosted for fairness' sake) and her fucked up ability to transform into a guy in ugly clothing and to bend in unimaginable ways to kick the asses of other characters in said game.

3. A controlling abusive female that must be rescued from evil psycho maniacs (that want to destroy the world even though they live there too) and, upon being rescued, refuses sexual rewards to her liberator.
1. Zelda laughed at Zahina because her name is friggin stupid.

2. Link's job is to rescue Princess Zelda, although there is no garauntee of payment or reward for his services.

3. Don't go after that zelda! She'll only make you miserable!
by Quackalishus March 21, 2004

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