A hot babe, first starred in a videogame series called "The Legend of Zelda", for TV-console the "NES".
"Zelda's HOT!"

"Dude, she's not real."

"Who cares!"
by MrFlix March 18, 2005
I mean, what else is there? Other than Zelda, nothing.
by The Hero Of Time July 10, 2008
A legend that is a legend in of itself.
The Legend of Zelda is a legend!
by Sir Ryan December 02, 2006
Game series about the adventures of a young boy (or boys, no one really knows if it's the same kid each time) who must save the world from evil.
The newest Zelda game is quite awesome indeed.
by Peach April 20, 2003
a) A series of games made by Nintendo. Possibly the best games that Nintendo has ever come out with.
b) The hoebag princess from The Legend of Zelda series that does absolutely nothing and screams a lot.
a) "Dude, I, like, totally beat the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time yesterday."
b) "Dude, that Zelda's, like, so a hoebag."
by KMM November 29, 2003
one of the best goddamn games ever made ending with twilight princess and pahantom hourglass!

boy 1-hey have you played zelda?

boy 2-nope what is it?

boy 1-well it's the best game out there

boy 2-cool let's go play
by koolink666 January 19, 2007
A nintendo game about a hero named Link who saves a helpless rescue Princess.
Also is the name of the helpless Princess who appears in the game who does mostly nothing besides get captured and then takes all the credit that she does not deserve. She is one of the most overrated video game characters ever.
People go around and say that Zelda is a heroine but she is not, she never does any fighting whatsoever.
by Moongirl September 04, 2003
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