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Something that is exceptionally great.
"that is totally Zeitgeist"
by janeCitizen May 23, 2008
29 139
something you tap into
I tapped into that zeitgeist
by rich kyanka July 03, 2003
17 184
A movie loved by conspirators, who claims 9/11 was an inside job, the moonlanding never happened, Elvis lives and USA are the root of all evil.

Widely panned by critics, and laughed at by all serious scientist or expert, this movie is still popular, due to the fact than people are suckers for factually inaccuracy, presented as truth.
Friend: Jesus never existed, and USA are evil! Zeitgeist: The Movie proves it!

Me: ...you really believe that? Well, then this is for your own good. *SMACK!*
by Kvark January 18, 2010
170 378