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Derives from the east london slang word "eats" which means to perform a street robbery. Many other words have been changed by adding or replacing the first letter with Z such as Moot-Zoot Bore-Zore Eats-Zeets
Someguy: "oo's that dick'd"
someotherguy: "I dunno blad lets zeets him"
by Someotherguy January 15, 2007
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slang for "satisfaction"
A satisfied customer says "zeet".
by 8====D December 09, 2003
(N) A girl who loves to flirt with as many guys as possible and hooks up with all of them, but never goes any further. Its like a a slut who doesn't put out. (V)To engage in such action.

(N) Yo dog. She suck your bone tonight?
Naw man....shes a zeet.
(V) You hooked up with that girl too? Aw shit...she's zeetin' it up.
by FurburgerBabe December 13, 2007

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