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she's amazing. she has a beautiful smile and you can't live without her. it's like your dying when she leaves you, and her humor will make you laugh forever. her words are so mind blowing, that they'll be in your head forever. she's cute, awesome and you think about her all the time.
Zaria's kewl.
by CheesePie98 October 22, 2011
Zaria or Zarya is amazing and outgoing. she loves to make people laugh and happy. she may be a little hard to put up with but you can't help but love her anyways. She's loyal and will always be there for you when ever you need a shoulder to cry on. Also means sunrise in Russian. (;
omg Zaria (Zarya) is my best friend!
by unknownbabyballs April 17, 2015
She is a well liked person but sometimes her breath stinks. And even though she is a cool person she need to brush her teeth. That shit stink!
Dude:Zaria breath stink
by jada cooper January 03, 2014
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