Classic rock poop eater.
XBN Magazine: If you could go back into the past to meet someone, who would you like to see?
Vice President of Smilebit: I'd go back to see Frank Zappa and ask, "Did you really eat shit onstage?"
by nikkan_hanil December 03, 2004
Top Definition
1. Frank Zappa - Revolutionary guitarist/composer/humourist

2. A little white cute fluffy maltese poodle somewhere in South Africa
Frank Zappa is dead
by Callan Wolff January 17, 2004
To make a composition in the style of Frank Zappa; "put the eyebrows" on a musical or textual creation.
I was going to keep it stark, but then the imp in my head made me decide to zappa it instead.
by Angus June 19, 2004
the surname of a very tallented, mad, queer(queer as Tom Waits or Nick Cave)music man. That Gogo Bordello guy really looks like him!
zappa da rappa da rap rap....
by modellingsucks July 31, 2006
this is the type of marijuana that is laced with chemicals. when smoking zappa you trip the fuck out and think you are going to die
Scotty had some zappa and laid on the floor telling everyone his heart had stopped
by Nick Dundee June 20, 2015
1. One who dates or attempts to date unattractive morbidly obese women. More times than not a Zappa will be rejected by these women who also fit one or more of the following traits: single mothers, drug addicts, parolee's, live at home with their parents, or on welfare.

2. To be unsuccessful or fail at most everything you attempt such as job interviews, tests, and everyday tasks.

3. One who is a very lazy procrastinator, unattractive, overweight, and not goal driven.

4. Someone who blame's everyone else for their misfortune and can not take or follow advice.
1. Steve: "Dang, did you see that guy dancing with that Wild Snorlax out there?"

Bob: "Oh yeah, that guy is a total Zappa!"

2. Mark: "How did you do on your math test today?"

Chris: "Dude, I totally pulled a Zappa."

3. Mom: "Did you take out the trash today like I've asked you to do over and over again?"

Child: "No, long story"

Mom: "Stop being a Zappa and take out the trash!"

4. Arnold: "You should totally go to the gym and work out, it'll get you in better shape!"

Sylvester: "Yeah, you're right... but round is a shape!"

Arnold: "Why do you always have to be such a Zappa!?!"
by Bull5 April 08, 2014
To pull a Zappa, To skip class, to be non existent. The person everyone knows is real but has never seen. To never show up.
Example #1:
person 1: are you going to go to class today?
person 2: no, I'm planing on pulling a zappa.

Example #2:

person 1: Hey I didn't see you at the party last night
person 2: no, I pulled a zappa.
by evidenceclass November 25, 2009
Originated in Canton, Michigan. Used mostly by attractive women in their twenty's. A word used as a question when you don't understand what someone is saying.
Elderly people's faces smell funny.... ZAPPA?
by pkilla August 22, 2005
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