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A remote device for controlling electrical goods. (TV, Hifi etc)

Dervived from the term to Zap (change) a channel
I have three zappas:-

Frank works the telly
Dwezill works the video
and Moonunit works the DVD
by black Flag June 11, 2004
77 171
1. Frank Zappa - Revolutionary guitarist/composer/humourist

2. A little white cute fluffy maltese poodle somewhere in South Africa
Frank Zappa is dead
by Callan Wolff January 17, 2004
450 170
To make a composition in the style of Frank Zappa; "put the eyebrows" on a musical or textual creation.
I was going to keep it stark, but then the imp in my head made me decide to zappa it instead.
by Angus June 19, 2004
164 154
the surname of a very tallented, mad, queer(queer as Tom Waits or Nick Cave)music man. That Gogo Bordello guy really looks like him!
zappa da rappa da rap rap....
by modellingsucks July 31, 2006
150 146
To pull a Zappa, To skip class, to be non existent. The person everyone knows is real but has never seen. To never show up.
Example #1:
person 1: are you going to go to class today?
person 2: no, I'm planing on pulling a zappa.

Example #2:

person 1: Hey I didn't see you at the party last night
person 2: no, I pulled a zappa.
by evidenceclass November 25, 2009
9 18
Originated in Canton, Michigan. Used mostly by attractive women in their twenty's. A word used as a question when you don't understand what someone is saying.
Elderly people's faces smell funny.... ZAPPA?
by pkilla August 22, 2005
5 22
A male who truely respects 'The Importance Hierarchy' - Family, mates, chicks, in no other order.
1. Yeah Tommy is a real zappa, he's free to hang out after visiting his nan 'coz he tied up his mind-controlling and manipulating bitch of a girlfriend in the basement.

2. I'm charging my friends for multiple counts of DMB over a three month period. Am I the only zappa around here?
by jEz Smith June 24, 2006
52 131