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an expression of wonder, triumph and approval, which crucially incorporates a high velocity (as opposed to yames).
a) Have you seen the new hob in the kitchen?
b) Yeah, I made an omelette for breakfast, it was zames.

a) Have you met Joan's new mouse yet?
b) Yeah it's fully zames.
#yay #yames #zoom #mouse #zaymes
by Bev. February 05, 2010
A generally cute erotic boy who is loved by most. A bit on the crazy side but is always a true gentleman and charismatic Is known as a girl in bed. Mainly because of his nasty claws and aroma of chocolate. He is also known as not very masculine or brave.
You could smell Zame a mile away.
#horney #god #lover #weak #insane
by jellybean676 July 20, 2010
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