when you bust a nut on a chick's stomach, and another sucks it up using her tongue and lower lip to leave a smooth shine behind
so i thought gigi was gonna finish it off with a snow plow but was amazed when she decided to one up cinnamon and pull a zamboni
by Mcworthington December 03, 2010
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kick-ass thing that cleans ice on ice rinks
look at that zamboni go!
i wanna zamboni machine
by Mei Xian April 30, 2003
Beef flaps that hangs so far down that when the girl walks she wets the floor beneath her.
After pounding Sissy into submission she proceeded to zamboni a perfect swath from my kitchen floor, to the front door.
by Flange Master M January 10, 2008
If you party foul and spill a drink, you suck it up off the floor/table/the hot girl's tits. The nastier the floor, the harder the party should push you to zamboni. No floor is too gross to exempt you from zamboni. You often have to zamboni during beer pong or beer dice. The term originates from the device that clears and resurfaces ice skating rinks. You spilt it, so you have to clean it up, but with your mouth.
Todd tried to slap a bounce during beer pong, but knocked a cup over instead. ZAMBONI, TODD!
by pjsiqhh March 22, 2007
What you do when you play Beer Pong or Beirut and the bottoms of the cups get wet to stop the cups from gliding on the table.
bro 1: "hey dude! I would have made that if there wasn't so much water under the cups!"

bro 2: "Yeah, whatever, man."

bro 1: "Zamboni that shit!"
by For The Bros December 18, 2011
A Guido on ice skates.
Didja see when Jersey Shore went to the rink at Rockafeller Plaza? Wotta buncha Zamboni s!
by theadequate March 11, 2010
When you apply icy/hot to ones erect cock whilst banging the shit out of a fine young lass from behind then ramming her with the said icy/hot coated cock and racing to get off before the pain becomes extreme.
Last night I had to hook the chick from the club, cause she was trying to pull out the zamboni.
by codename firecock December 09, 2011

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