fucking amazing lover who enjoys big tits and big asses. has brown almost black eyes brown hair and bitches all around him at all times. very tall. tan. hates gingers. best known as "dat nigga" or "the most interesing man in the world" beats people up in cod and madden. has many friends and is very humerous. has sex every 5 1/2 hrs. has 13 in dick. very cool guy
joe- wheres john?
billy- o. he is zacking it up.
by 1234098765 December 08, 2012
Top Definition
Perfect in all aspects of life. Amazingly talented and athletic beyond belief. With the "bod" of a god?
Have you seen Zack? He has the bod of a god!
by ZEPEZ November 30, 2007
a guy witha very big dick women love to have sex with him but he makes it hard for them to walk the next day. he is hella hot and strong
girl 1- i had sex with zack last night it was great.

girl 2- how great?

girl 1- well he made me cry and i had to ice my pussy it was really hard to walk.

girl 2- i know what i'm doing tonight!
by Rachel webs July 10, 2008
Is very hot, sweet, and atheltic in school sports. Has the hottest body you will ever see. Is amazingly easy to like.
Girl 1: Wow that new guy is so much like a Zack.
Girl 2: Yes definatly. I want to go talk to him.
by Ipodaddict January 20, 2009
A guy unlike the rest. He often comes off strong and fearless which sometimes pushes people away but if you really get to know Zack, you will soon learn that he has the softest, most genuine heart you will ever find. Someone you can truly get to know for who he is and who you can consistently confide in. He listens with an open heart and will always give you his honest opinion. He has big dreams and with these dreams comes the determination of a lion, a trait everyone admires. He puts 100% of his heart and soul into everything he does and holds faith close to his heart which provides him strength and guidance. He is very handsome, although he often doesn't take notice of this, nor does it matter to him. He loves to joke around and push your buttons but his heart is always in the right place. He keeps the ones he loves closest to his heart, and never looses sight of what is truly important in life. If you know someone like Zack, don't let them go.
"Zacks a stud"
by thestudherself May 10, 2012
(adj,noun) The greatest nigga alive. He is the best at everything. Everyone loves him. see also Beast or Dat Nigga
1st Girl: "Let me tell you...John was fucking me so good that when he told me to say his name I yelled out Zack."
2nd Girl: "Too bad he doesn't have a gorilla dick like the real Zack the Greatest.
by ZacktheGreat January 01, 2008
The proper way to spell "Zach." As the "-ch" ending produces a voiceless palato-alveolar affricate such as the "ch" in "Chip."

Zach is pronounced zætf
Zack is pronounced zæk
"Zack is spelled Z-A-C-K as per human linguistics."
by Zack With A K December 11, 2007
The greatest and most talented guy out there. He is rated M for mature so u better not mess with the zohan
Man u better stop messing with zacks friends because he is the shiz and will kill u.
by THE ZOHAN July 10, 2008
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