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1. cock loving faggot
2. pysco path that wants to kill every walking soul
3. cock sucker who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut
4. bitch who has no friends
Zack Bascio is a cocksucking pysco path
by Craig Soriano26 November 30, 2008
Zack is the most amazing person on this planet. He's perfect; he's mine. He makes me smile and laugh and he's the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He makes me happy when I'm sad; he makes me feel perfect. He's the love of my life and I love him to death. I'll always love you, baby.
Back off, Zack is mine. <3
by chelslovesyou December 01, 2009
Someone who is Inheretly funny, Accident prone, and knows many random but interesting facts. It's Hard to find someone who doesn't like a Zack, because they are the most amazing people
Zack is the coolest thing since sliced cheese!
by Danzy July 28, 2010
The most amazing guy you could ever meet. He's anything you could ask for in a guy. He's funny, kind, caring, loving, and he is always there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on.
- Heyy did you get his name, he was pretty cute.
- Nahh but he seems like a Zack
by EmmaBugg7926 June 17, 2011
An amazing guy, he is very funny and very handsome. When you meet him, you won't regret meeting him at all. Very interesting, intelligent, and sweet. Of course like everyone he has his up and downs, but overall he is very forgiving and usually never mean to anyone. He loves animals. He is a great boyfriend and compliments me usually everyday even when i don't deserve it:') I'm so lucky to have him as my boyfriend and i worry that so many other girls think he's wonderful, aswell. I love him so much:)
"Zack called me beautiful the other day even though we argued, he is such a great guy."
by nonamedgirl April 18, 2013
A kid who touches himself while he sings along to "I Touch Myself" by The Divinyls.
Zacks mom: Turn down that music Zack!

Zack: Mommy I told you to not come a knockin when The Divinyls a rockin.

Zack's mom: Stop touching yourself or your grounded.

Zack: Fuck you!
by Yokozooma October 17, 2010
fucking amazing lover who enjoys big tits and big asses. has brown almost black eyes brown hair and bitches all around him at all times. very tall. tan. hates gingers. best known as "dat nigga" or "the most interesing man in the world" beats people up in cod and madden. has many friends and is very humerous. has sex every 5 1/2 hrs. has 13 in dick. very cool guy
joe- wheres john?
billy- o. he is zacking it up.
by 1234098765 December 08, 2012
Very cute long blonde hair skateboarder. Zack is a very great friend and even though you like zack a lot he still is not ready for anything more than friendship. He is always in a good mood, and stays up late to talk to you until you fall asleep.
Zack smiles when someone is mad at him.
by Anonymous Hint (PickleJR.) April 18, 2008