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Express how you feel, be expressive. Originated in Los Angeles.
zabbi can be happy, sad, adventurous, etc.
by UrbanLA August 15, 2011
Zabbi is a north african word to say 'my dick', 'my cock', 'my penis', 'my junk'. You can use this word to call your friends, if they are too annoying, or being dicks and you can also use it to call your enemies or strangers, but expect a bad reaction. It comes from the word 'Zeb' 'Zab' which means penis.
John : What's up man?
Ali : Zabbi


Zabbi, get the fuck off !


Ali : You know what you need?
Leila : What?
Ali : Zabbi, bitch!
by MothaFuckaJean August 28, 2013