A meal that consists of a ball of dough rolled flat (and usually round) that is covered with tomato sauce and mozzerella and baked in an oven. Sometimes contains toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, or onions. Frequently served in Italian restaurants. Very popular as a delivery food.
God, I'm starving! Let's get a 'za for dinner!
by Susie-Q April 17, 2004
A variation on the commonly used noun 'pizza,' in this case, used to describe pizza that has been overly burned or charred to the point of non-edibility. As made famous by Justin Franchetto.
*charge up* "ZAAAA!!!!!!!!"

"Oh man, Justin really cooked that za well!"

"Mmmmmmmmmm......meaty za......"

"oh man that za was INCREDIBLE...so glad Justin made za."
by The Ultimate of Ruth April 16, 2010
ZA is a small group of gangsters. Local to the area of south canberra (in australia). Also a part of the SSG (South Side Gansters).
'I know ZA was here, i saw some of his tags.'
by ZA101 September 12, 2006
Slang word for Pizza, Used in rocky Hill, CT. Made famous by Michael Scott.
Hey bro, lets order som Za!
by Paully Priv June 11, 2008
Another word used for pizza, it was used back in the day used by "cool" people.
Hey let's go to the pizza place and grab some za.
by dSb April 01, 2005
1. Expression of complete and utter confusion/lack of understanding.

2. To express or show one's lack of interest.
Teacher: So theoretically, you can't square the differential on the y-axis. Understand Jimmy?
Jimmy: Za?
by Robbie_27 November 16, 2005
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