an old way of sayin pizza, its stupid noone says it so dont.
-gimme sum za
- no....fag
by armsace May 30, 2005
1. Expression of complete and utter confusion/lack of understanding.

2. To express or show one's lack of interest.
Teacher: So theoretically, you can't square the differential on the y-axis. Understand Jimmy?
Jimmy: Za?
by Robbie_27 November 16, 2005
1. All of the possible words in the history of the world combind into 2 little letters.

2. When so frusturated the word that takes after the words that you say to yourself in your head.

3. A word greater than infinity.
1. John "name all the words in the history of the world or i will kill you" Tom "za"

2. ZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. i am level infinity!!!,,, well im level za!! noob.
by Mike Okslonng March 04, 2008
A computer gaming clan formed in 1997 and based primarily in Kentucky. Most notable in the Counter Strike community.
Tonight we have a match against Clan-ZA.
by Coldfront August 16, 2005
for those of you that don't know what za means in asian it means 2 skeet. yes i know it sounds ridiculous but i was told in a choir class doing this exercise repeating the word za and i was then told.
favourite hobby (for guys only): za-zaing
by zaman April 26, 2006

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