short for pizza
Dude, call Dominos and order some za already! I'm starving!
Dad was in charge of dinner for the evening. He was planning on ordering za.
by tepeterman September 11, 2011
the ZA (or Z.A.) is an acronym referring to or about the zombie apocalypse, the time during which society will fall to a horde of flesh eating zombies creating an apocalypse to the modern world as we know it, much like the settings of the movies Day of the Dead, 48 Days Later, and Zombieland.
When the Z.A. comes I'm hiding out on a boat!
by CaptainDizzy June 21, 2010
To use a lemon for sexual pleasure (also see 'Wa' and 'Waza')
Why spice up your love life when you can zing it up

"I think we should zing up our love life with Za tonight"

Person 1: "Let's Za"
Person 2: "Okay. Have you got any lemons?"
by wainfanator November 29, 2013
1. short for pizza. if you are retarded, it is an expression of excitement.a very budazz word
hey man, order a 'Za. im starving.
by philip nader April 22, 2008
Slang for pizza.
Person 1: I could use some za.

Person 2: That's what I was thinking bro.
by NeonGhost March 01, 2014
Short for "pizza." Word accepted as legitimate in the game "Words With Friends," but unacceptable in the online version of "Scrabble."
"...Just played ZA and scored 31 points."
by MarioDL February 18, 2013
Short for Zara, or Zaragosa, a way of welcoming someone with that name into a room, party, event, whatevs
A warm welcome.

An exclamation.
ZA!!! You're here!

Where's ZA?

by lemonadechee July 28, 2011

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