3 definitions by Fandangoooooooo

a way for lazy-ass kids with restless leg syndrome to say pizza.
yo bro, i can't get up and say pizza so i'm going to say "za".
by Fandangoooooooo August 25, 2006
1. Looking at a woman's breasts and being able to tell her cup and bra size
<woman takes off her shirt>

woman:are you good at sight sizing, sir?

man:why yes i actually am. you are about a 34a, right?

woman:thats right. howd you guess?

man:im good at sight sizing.
by Fandangoooooooo September 03, 2006
A nickname given by someone with an extremely long penis
"I hear Rick Fox nicknamed his penis the handsome giraffe"
by Fandangoooooooo February 12, 2010

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