Z is the feeling when you don't know what to feel, so all you feel is confused in a very bad way, or when you feel bad when no reason at all.
"Yesterday she seemed so happy, but today she only complained.
And right now everything became okay again, and she say it was no big deal... But it doesn't feel okay!

It's just so... i don't know. Z."
by t s o k y May 18, 2008
an ounce(oz) ie. coke, buds, herion.
just bought a Z from the boy on the block.
by $pazz April 06, 2003
A person who talks alot of shit to others. A person who is scared to fight. A person who is a loser and have no friends...total loner. A person who loses every fight and get his ass beat. A person who has stitches on his face and bruises. A person who got beat and wouldnt go to school for 3 weeks and makes up lies.
Person 1: Dam Z what happen to you?
Z: I won a fight
Person 2: Hell no u didnt... u got ur ass beat
Z: man leave me alone ~crys~
Person 1: that nugga got his ass beat and went to the hospital to get stitches...
Person 3: He didnt go back to school...for like a month man... wut a pussy.
by Nugga191 April 08, 2009
another form of "yes" or "what" depending on context, usually in response to a question.
do you wanna hit this blunt? Z!
did you hear me? Z?
by the surly mermaid May 27, 2005

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