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Abbreviation for "you would know". The best come back ever.
Guy 1: Wow I can't believe you actaully did that

Guy 2: ywk
by b3n+ November 01, 2009
Internet slang for "you're welcome".

It owns you.
Person 1: How are you today?
Person 2: Fine kthx.
Person 1: Ywk.
by OMFGMYNDI February 03, 2004
Acronym for "Yea We Know." A clothing brand for club heads, by club Heads (YWK Clubwear)

Formerly known as "Yea We Know Dood" Often heard in the club (Pacha NYC). The term was commonly used as a response to anything and everything. Can also be seen shaved in a dood's head on the deck at Neptunes.
"I saw some kid at Pacha last night in a Fedora and suspenders...he kept yelling Wepa"
"Yea....WE KNOW"

"I Failed freshman English 3 times at SHU"

"Kitty's mad"
"Yea, WE KNOW"
by PachaAllstar5 November 28, 2011
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