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The coolest person in the universe
"Yo check out that yusef!"
by TR March 15, 2003
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Popular name in North Africa and among blacks and arabic speakers. The names origin is from a prophet and the english translation is Joseph.
Malik Yusef is a very good musician.
by lebronroy March 04, 2008
A hot spanish guy who's the perfect mix of ultra-sexy and caring. He's supportive and understanding, and you could tell him anything and he'd make you feel better. Yusef makes his girlfriend feel like the luckiest girl in the world because he tells her she's beautful and makes her laugh everyday.
Jack: Dude my girlfriend left me again!
Jim: Maybe if you treated her the way Yusef does for his girl...
by MiSS ViPER November 29, 2009
a member of the taliban
yusef is alive
by Anuj May 19, 2003
a bold asian crazed pothead. thats fat. thats asian bastard.
dumb asian bastard yusef.
by mike jones March 23, 2005
the nastiest, smelliest, ugliest, fattest little girl in the world.
Im ashamed that Yusef is my brother
by Kristen December 01, 2004
a great insult to call gays because a yusef is worse then being called a faggot
hey quit hitting on me you fuckin yusef.
by jrtt June 03, 2006

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