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A complete bastardisation of the english language, yurr is a multipurpose word, bought into existance by 'Stanford'.
It has literally thousands of uses, ranging from jovialation to blind frustrated anger.

1. Yurr. On it's own.
On its own, Yurr means 'Yes' or 'Yeah'. Used to casually agree or confirm a fact, or with an exclamation mark added to the end or alternatively used in a much more positive tone, to jovialate over a point.

2. Using a prefix.
Usually, yu- is a very commonly used prefix to the word 'yurr', usually resulting in 'yu-yu-yurr' or similar.
Alternatively, adding an 'oh-' prefix. Abit like changing 'yes' into 'hell yes'. However, don't get carried away adding too many yu-'s, or else you will sound like a deranged or crazed seal.

(Alternative Prefixes:
Fuck yurr.
When used after an insult, such as fuck, yurr changes from 'yes' to 'you'. In such occasion, call the person saying this to you a 'twat', 'man-whore' or other appropriate insult.

<insert name> yurr!
Expressing jovialation towards a certain person.)

3. Using a Suffix.
Is'nt recommended. As you'll probably sound like a tit. Yurr is like a full-stop, proving a point, finishing a sentance and annoucning to the world that you're different (although you quite blatently are'nt). So using a suffix is just... well... bollocks really.
'Yurr!' (Happy)
'Yurr?' (Questioning)
'Oh Yurr!' (Very Happy)
'Yu-yu-yurr!' (Extremely Happy)
by RichSC August 29, 2004
36 23
A word to be used in a loud, pleasant tone of voice.
An expression of greeting used after imbibing yeast based liquids.
Origin of word is believed to be from 1970's

Eastern North Carolina dialect, probably Pitt County pirate country at ECU.
Yurr! Reeb! Yurr!
by Reeb Z. July 12, 2009
8 4