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(O) <--- That right there.
I ate a can of corn, waited a day and put my cornhole over the toilet and corn and cornlogs came out.
by gammarock January 31, 2004
1970s era commercial jingle about the need to brush your teeth to avoid tooth decay
They call me Yuckmouth
Cause I don't brush
No I like my teeth like this

They call me Yuckmouth
Cause I don't brush
How's about a little kiss?

Got some beef in my teeth
Got some chicken too
Ouch! That's a cavity
Hey, that's new!

Well if you don't brush your teeth
Then yes, you too
Will be a yuckmouth

Don't be a yuckmouth!
by gammarock April 15, 2005
See also Bum Crack and Plumber. In general, when you have a water leak and you call a plumber to check it out, they always show up, bend over and a portion of their crack can be seen above their beltline.
Ha ha. She bent over to give Carly a hug and she showed a plumber's crack.
by gammarock July 22, 2004
A turd, log, poo, or a piece of crap.
Those refried beans upset my my stomach and I had to squeeze out a peanut log.
by gammarock July 28, 2006
Not happening. Whatever was tried, failed.
Rick: So you asked Suzy out. How did it go ?
Geno: No soap. She turn me down flat.
by gammarock November 05, 2005
A really lame basketball player that can't score. A player you don't have to hold.
Yo, we need to double Kevin Garnett 'cause that guy they signed to a 10-day contract is a self check.
by gammarock December 22, 2004
Nickname for the worst President the United States has ever had that lied us into a war that has killed almost 1000 US Soldiers for no reason other than greed and lust for empire.
Geroge W. Bush, a.k.a smirk, a.k.a George W. Bush looks like a monkey, when asked a question that he was not given in advance.


Smirk simply sucks.
by gammarock July 08, 2004

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