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Whenever someone is complaining about their mate, this sarcastic, simple reply reflects the fact that they chose to be their friend, and should have to put up with whatever annoying stuff they do. For an intensifier, fucken is added into the middle.
Tony: Michael is being such a tool, he keeps taking my cereal.
Adam: Your mate.

Sean: God, I'm so fucking sick of Alex, he keeps cramping my style at parties by cockblocking me.
Pete: He's your mate Sean. Your fucken mate.
by Dr. Sarcophagus September 14, 2009
a thing alot of dumb leboz say.
look at dat bloke wallah hes your mate
by tazin May 01, 2005
A way of speaking ill about someone that you know to another person. No one ever wants to be your mate. Use accompanied by a shaking negatively of the head. Quite often followed up by "Na, he is your mate" and a small argument on who's mate the person actually is.
Shaun say something stupid
Me to owen : Shaun is your mate
Owen: Na, he is your mate
Me: No one he even looks like you........
by Huw Bhoy May 31, 2015

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