1. Used to annoy said Matt after he uses the term your mum, hence he realises what a tool he rally is.

2. Used as an insult to anyone in the same room as Matt.

3. The automatic retort to your mum.
Matt: ....your mum!
You: No, your Matt!

(When Matt is in the room)
You: No, your Matt!

Anyone: ...your mum!
You: No your Matt!
by Moloch666 March 15, 2005
Top Definition
a pretty cool guy; really likes girls; willing to fight any one or thing; always has a really big cock; he's a pimp daddy
1. Matt: take ur clothes off
Girl: ok
Matt: Give me head
Girl: SURE!!

2. YEAH!!!!!
by rock_out March 17, 2005
The name of a generic verbal flame-war that appears at LAN's. While usually located in proximity to Matt, this style of flame war is spreading like a plage, and cannot be stopped.

Like The Your mum insult, and the 1337 language and n00bs alike, this style of flame war is devolving the english language to the point of an ape, and can be seen devolving within a 5-minute time period.
"Your mum!"
"No, your matt!"
"No, you suck!"
"No, you!"
(More indistinguishable grunts appear at this point, at loud volume.)
by Lord Phobos March 15, 2005
A gay insult. Just like your mom except you can use any name inplace of MATT.
Henery:You suck
Bill:Your mom sucks
Mr. Wiffle:Your matt sucks your mom.
Everyone besides Mr. Wiffle: Ow damn i got TOLD.
by Qoob May 10, 2005
A derivation of Your mum, in which you reveal the stupidity of their insults.
Tool: Your mum!
You: No, your matt!
by Lord Phobos March 13, 2005
your guy, the one you are head over heels for.
is he you're matt?

Yeah, i'm the one dating him.
by ramen noodle April 16, 2005
Generic insult derived from the name of a young 'Gaming Legend' who, according to law, tries to 'pwn y0ur b4535', and fails miserably every time.
'Jeez, ya Matt... quit eating my motherfucking chips.'

'Haha, check out that stupid Matt over there...'
by Chibiviscerator March 15, 2005
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