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A gay insult. Just like your mom except you can use any name inplace of MATT.
Henery:You suck
Bill:Your mom sucks
Mr. Wiffle:Your matt sucks your mom.
Everyone besides Mr. Wiffle: Ow damn i got TOLD.
by Qoob May 10, 2005
a stupid ugly person who is annoying and hated by everyone. used as an insult to a preson.
Hey joygly. Yeah, you're an ass.
by qoob October 24, 2003
A very cool word because it says MR which is the begining of Mr. Wiffle which is the coolest Pooner around =D
'Tis the way of the Wiffle.
I poon you.

by Qoob May 10, 2005
now i know my abc wont you come and fuck with me. Ill kik yo assnizzle mother fudger..
For you know how it is up in the hood..
by Qoob May 10, 2005
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