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When something unfortunate happens to your opponent and you feel like adolf hitler, complete domination! many situations call for this term all day er day.
Black #1 - aYo man i just got my bruthas gurrfren prego

Black #2 - You Fool!

White #1 - I like to put peanut butter and have the dog lick me down.
White #2 - You Fool!

Red#1 - Ive had twelve kids with my sister.
Red #2 - You Fool!
by GroversMyBitch November 10, 2010
A term used by stereotypical evil supervillains to make their goons (see: henchmen) go after the hero.
"Get him you insolent fools!" or just plain old "Get him you fools!"
by Exor January 20, 2004
Noun. Someone who posts a video of himself online that makes him look like an idiot.
Did you see the video of that dude getting his eyes clawed out by a cat?

Yeah, what a YouFool.
by bjr808 August 04, 2008
Used most oftenly as a post phrase to Get off the road, You Fools is appropriately spoken at a higher pitch, alluding to an inner struggle with ones sexuality.
Get off the Road, You Fools!
by Aazhmandius March 20, 2003