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(Adj.) Mannerisms such as Louis Tomlinson's; a characteristic such as flawless, perfect, spunky, fiery, mischievious, wild, or insane
"Everyone's jealous of Grimmy."
"Because he's, like, completely Tomlinson. Duh."
by Sadeem Stylinson May 22, 2013
A large and plump ass worn by a male.
Girl one: Man he has a nice ass.

Girl two: What a tomlinson.
by theaccent October 13, 2013
(tom-lin-suhn) - VERB

To drop an object in a manor likely to cause injury to a coworker.
"Dude, watch it! you just tomlinsoned me with that CO2 tank!
by Crowdsurfer February 07, 2010
A person with a large, bowling ball chrome type head.
A bald female would be a tomlinsonette.
look how shiny that guys head is, he's a complete tomlinson!
by Moonbeam111 February 06, 2008
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