HERE and NOW at this moment in time reading this word as an abreviation of two words NOT another word called your,

as in it is "your idea" or "your fault" or "your property was taken."
Are you aware of this difference?
You are IS NOT your. IT IS "You're" ' this takes the letter and space.
Be lazy and say "ur" or "ure" instead. thank you.

The presence of you, is now.

I am too, so is she and he also they are.


Re: Melt
which really means a studious whimpy nerd with no street smarts.
YOU'RE not wrong about that
UR gonna see da show tonite innit- I'm paying loike..
URE sure u can handle the txting nan
by A_YoURmelt1969_Z November 13, 2011
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How idiots spell the possessive adjective "your" when they think they have mastered not to misuse it.
Lelo: What's you're e-mail address?
Boba: What's I'm e-mail address??
Lelo: No, what's you're e-mail address?
by Johans February 14, 2008
A word that I wish people would actually use when they're supposed to.
<C> Your dumb!
<JB> It's "you're". Idiot.
by Jagfire June 20, 2003
Too oftenly mistaken for "your."

Meaning "you are." Used to describe something about someone, not something someone owns.
Correct example: "You're stupid."
Incorrect example: "Your stupid."
by Saphy August 14, 2006
What retards think "your" is spelled, but they're too thick to get it through their skulls.
You're mom.
by Green Lex Luthor October 27, 2009
a versatile burn, most effective in situations where a comeback is really inappropriate
A: "Look at my new shoes!"
B: "You're a shoe."
by Dellaca March 24, 2007
A contraction of "You are", such as "Don't", is a contraction of "Do not".

Correct usage: You're an idiot!

Incorrect usage: That's you're apple.
by Andrew .C February 24, 2009
A word most internet users have yet to understand.
"your gay!!!!!!!"
by anonymous February 11, 2004

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