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Someone who can kill and defeat evil pink robots.
Oh Yoshimi! They don't believe me, but you won't let those robots defeat me.
by yoshimi April 18, 2005
A dachshund that is known for its sleeping abilities, licking, cuteness, and over zealousness towards everything.
Yoshimi! Stop being so cute!
by egam March 16, 2008
Nigga who thought doin their eye brows was gay but now constatnly does it. Also known very well for his amazing kissing abilities. Also trips when he plays soccer with long ass arms.
Yoshimi loves doin his eye brows
by lmfao324651 October 10, 2011
a vampire who is most likly to kill who ever crosses her path.
yoshimi kill john the other day
by michelle December 14, 2003

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