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Means: "You Play". Its usually asked as a question to get somebody to play an online game with you.
"Hey man, yoplait some games?"

by Wubang3r April 04, 2007
An invitation to commence the proceedings of game, usually for pleasure.
hey grandma, wanna put down that milky beverage and come outside, yoplait?
by FD5000 May 06, 2010
jizz, semen that is a thick white consistency, like yoplait yogurt.
i gave that beezy some yoplait to eat.
by Mac Rich September 11, 2006
same as bredwrin, a term used for an aquaintance or friend.
"safe yoplait"
by allahdad daood May 19, 2007
"You play it"
I see you tryna tap that... yoplait man go for it!
by Jennie And Alex March 13, 2004
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