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Yay, and Woop! in one. Used by those who cannot be bothered to type in English. They also say things like f9 instead of fine, and s'up when they are trying to be street.
Magap: Heyyia--x
Livo: elo
Magap: Guess what Guess what!
Livo: go on
Magap: I got that bag from Urban Outfitters!
Livo: Yoop!
by Magap October 31, 2007
A fun and exciting, yet semi-sarcastic way of saying yup.
"Are you sure that's right?"
by Karl Child January 01, 2007
The same as "Oops!" except when someone else does something wrong - as in, or short for "You oops!". Thus it's alternate spelling: "Youps!".
"Yoops! Bob, you just REPLIED ALL to the company wide email!"

"Yoops! The boss thought he could walk 10,000 steps at work without anyone noticing...then everyone wondered why he was not working."
by Tess Tickular May 18, 2016
A counter to the words huh or what. The "yooper" baits another person into saying "what" or "huh" with various techniques. Techniques include vague questions, nonsensical speech, or simply asking "Guess What?" The word yoop is exclaimed as the "yooper" extends his arm toward the other person's mouth, as to simulate ejaculation.
"Hey Josh, did you remember to whip the elephant into submision?"
"What the heck are you talking about?"
by Clay Bell April 14, 2005
A counter to the words "What" and "Huh"
"Did you bring it?"
"Bring what?"
by Brandon April 13, 2005
Yoop is slang for youtube poop, a term which here means "An awful/terrible video placed on youtube for the destruction of other people's brains."

Grammatically speaking, perhaps there should be an apostrophe somewhere in Yoop, but according to several religions, if an apostrophe were to be placed in the word "Yoop" the solar system would go out of alignment.
"Today it is Friday, and Saturday comes afterward..."

by SauronSeesYou November 28, 2011
yoop is almost the exact opposite of pooy. yoop is a term used when very excited or over joyed.
YOOP! YOOP! i got an A on my test
by zachariah April 18, 2004
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