to yoona is to be just an amazingly awesome person in general.
woah, did you see that girl, she's just so YOONA.
by imcooolyeahnotsnsd March 01, 2010
A very, very pretty girl from SNSD, or Girl's Generation, So Nyuh Shi Dae (The best girl group in Korea and one of the most popular in Asia). Her real name is Im Yoona. She is one of the most popular member in the group, although she is also one of the most hated, with the reasons mostly because she is in the spotlight too much, and she's not even pretty at all. SONEs (fans of SNSD) and YoonAddicts (fans of Yoona) retaliate back that it is not her fault that she is in the spotlight so much as it is the choice of their agency, SM Entertainment. They also proved that she was not an attention seeker, but actually very caring and sweet in some anti anti Yoona videos.
Anti Yoona: Yoona had plastic surgery!
YoonAddict: Any proof? Check out her predebut pictures, dude! She looks almost the same!
Anti Yoona: ....
by ZHWgirl December 24, 2011
the most overrated member in SNSD. At first glance she looks pretty but after sometime she looks plain and not pretty. It is a mystery that most guys label her as their ideal type. Known for leeching most fangirls' idol e.g. Super Junior, DBSK, 2PM, SHINee and the like.
she claims to be the most prettiest member although there are other PRETTIER members (Tiffany, Yuri, Seohyun..)
girl: who is your ideal type??
boy: yoona of snsd ^^
girl: --"

yoona: i'm hot.
taeyeon: how do you know??
yoona: guys are all over me~
taeyeon: 0__0
by ihateyoona July 16, 2010

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