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A period of time equivalent to three weeks. Based on the fact that there is a term for one week, two weeks (a fortnight) and almost precisely four weeks (a month).

Because events are rarely important enough to know that they are approximately three weeks away, the term is more usually used informally as a way of exaggerating a length of time.
"The tournament starts in a yonk, so we'd best start practising."

In its more informal usage: "Ah, the project's not in for yonks, yet, so don't worry about it."
by Iball February 02, 2009
5 13
A word that is spoken or muttered while someone is in the process of swiping (swipe) an item that already belongs to them. Similar to 'yoink' except 'yoink' is spoken when someone is swiping an item that rightfully belongs to someone else.
Dennis said 'yonk' as he swiped his cassette adaptor from the cassette deck of the Chevy Suburban. Now how am I going to listen to my iPod on the way home from work.
by Clive&Cleatus II April 02, 2008
16 24
a bird which long ago extinct from the face of the earth , aka the 'dodo'.
The only species of Yonk left is found in a methodist school in Singapore, it likes coconuts, but only those found on the ground, not those on the tree, which has a high risk of hitting Yonk's skull.
by yonk August 24, 2003
14 23
A member of the Irish Travellers who funds his or her lifestyle through fraud, mostly committed against the elderly. They typically offer to do home improvement work at an attractive price, then either run off with the money, or if they actually do the work, do a substandard job and then demand more money. Female yonks enjoy five finger discounts at department stores, attempting to exchange the stolen goods for cash.

Then they all go out for Sushi with their ill gained loot, parading their "lackeen" toddler daughters around like Jon Benet Ramsey.
yonk: "I noticed your drive-way needs paving. I was doing work up the street and have plenty left over for another job. I'll only charge you forty dollars..."

you: Fuck off you yonk bastard!
by antraeindubh August 24, 2006
12 27
A period of exactly NINE (9) years
I was born 'bout 5 yonks ago
by yerodretep December 23, 2004
2 18
a person who swears on his/her life that they are from Yonkers, New York, when in actuality they are from Baltimore, Maryland.
"Yonk" is really from Baltimore
by Nathalie November 25, 2003
6 34
all though originally meaning "a long time" it has been loosely evolved to also mean "a lot of something" or "many"
I have yonks of work I gotta' catch up on...

Person A: Have you ever had a latte?
Person B: yeah, yonks...
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