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A synonym for hell. If you sign up for AP United States History, better known to all those who suffer through it as APUSH, be prepared for late nights, little sleep, painful migranes and the occasional little voice inside your head that reminds you about how stupid you are. Also be aware and mentally prepared for the 3 hour and 15 minute midterm, final and AP exam that includes 60 multiple choice questions as well as two free response questions and last but not least, the dreaded DBQ.
- I'm thinking about taking APUSH next year.
by apush lover December 18, 2006
A class which consists of offtopic class discussions, sleeping and tests/quizes on material unrelated and not covered by homework or assigned reading
* Text message conversation *
Person 1:
I'm so bored, today we spent 40 minutes discussing a 2 sentence slide.
Person 2:
Ahh, apush, bring headphones or a pill tommorow; it will make the class much more bearable.

Person 1:
What questions did you miss on your apush quiz?

Person 2:
"What color of hat did washington wear the most?"

Person 1:
Ahh, I got that one wrong too, did you get the one about the strain of flax grown at mount vernon wrong as well?

Person 2:
by sHsNawap October 06, 2013
A highly ritualized form of suicide usually affecting high school juniors. APUSH kills by forcing so many facts, names, and dates into a person's head that it actually explodes.
Sometimes, an APUSH fails to kill the person and instead kills their GPA, leaving them untouchable to all colleges (even those that advertise on TV).
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn Jane. For some reason, she thought that APUSH wouldn't kill her, even though it has already killed so many others."
by spudmaster34 January 18, 2010
The worst high school class ever. Nuff said.
I think I am going to kill myself because of APUSH
by CrackaJack Fury November 15, 2004
A class made for masochists. Any who would appretiate a constant feeling of both ineptitude and a HUGE inferiority complex, would be wise to take this class from hell.

There have been a series of cases that result in death, either self-inflicted or stroke related, with this course.
I've got to read 20 pages on George Washington Carver's extensive experiments with penuts for APUSH tonight, we'll finish the last half in class tomorrow.
by JoffrayStirr September 05, 2009
the class that Assassinates People Using Stressful Homework
Sophomore: I'm taking APUSH next year.
by apush survivor October 08, 2010
death to anyone's GPA. true name is Advanced Placement U.S. History.
man i had a 3.8 gpa before apush now i have a 3.4.
by the eagle of 216 May 07, 2009