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what faggots use to make themselves feel cool about themselves when they're just annoying ass 11 year-olds who never get picked for dodgeball. Fucking idiots use this slang for a slang word, mother fucking JAY ZEE SHIT YA HURR!?!?!?!? faggots.
yolosweg I'm the king of France jk lols im actually a lonely 10 yearold will u be my friend plz
by a lonely 10 yearold boy March 01, 2014
A combination of "Yolo" which stands for "You only live once", and "Sweg" which is a play on "Swag", which indicates swagger. Commonly used as a joke, and normally doesn't indicate seriousness.
Person1: lol that stuff was 4 real
Person1: yolosweg
Person2: lol dude but in all seriousness, help me beat this level.
Person1: yolosweg
Person2: go die in a hole
by BL_Scott March 04, 2014

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