a tablet of XTC
how much for a yoke
by infoman January 07, 2003
A person who does not like and corrects Texting language.
Friend: Hay grl. wht r u doin
Yoke: *Hey. *Girl. *What. *Are. *You. *Doing. Learn how to use correct grammar.
Friend: dam yoce.
Yoke:*Damn. *Yoke.
by Girlygirl98 October 08, 2013
A strong choke-hold as defined by Big L.
Yo, did you hear about that dude who got drunk and got put in a tight yoke and almost died?!
by madman5632 September 07, 2010
Goodlooking thighs/ass on a woman
Wow...look at the yokes on that girl!
by beezziibabii December 24, 2013
A really stupid question with an obvious answer.
Andrew: Yo Mike, do you want to go lift today?
Mike: That's a yoke.

Andrew: Hey Mike, are we dipping with Grizz long cut?
Mike: That's a yoke.
Andrew: Pro move, bro.
by ThatNoVaGuy November 05, 2013
Irish slang for ecstasy tablets.

Usually used by the great unwashed and scumbags with 90 degree baseball caps.
Jonny Joe Jr.- "Aww, do you have any yokes man?"
Joe Johnny Sr.- "No man, shite! I think I left them in my jacket."
by Mark Cullen April 29, 2006
A person who is a joke or of a youthful sense of humor.
Why is Dan Hard in a public place? What a yoke!
by J-Franz December 20, 2009

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