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an aeon from final fantasy 10, you need to pay him to make him attack!!! OMG!
Yojimbo is one badass ninja!
by Shady Man April 18, 2006
ummm...no.Actually it means bodygaurd in Japanese.Its also a movie by Akira Kurosawa.Starring Toshiro Mifune
Yojimbo is one of Kurosawa's greatest movies
by (insert name here) December 11, 2003
Bodyguard or protector.(Japanese)
Name of one of the Aeons from Final Fantasy X (He is a greedy bastard)
I will serve as your Yojimbo.
by Ben December 13, 2003
A drinking game where two people drink until one passes out and the other person rapes the person who has passed out.
1 - "Hey we should play Quarters!"

2 - "Or we could play Yojimbo!"

1 - "What's that?"

2 - "Well it's a drinking game where we both drink until you pass out and than I fuck you in the ass!"
by NiggerDuck December 14, 2009