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1)The Japanese word for rabbit or bunny.
2)The name usually given to cute anime girls.
1)Kawaii usagi! (Cute rabbit)
2)Grr... HAYAKU USAGI-CHAN! (Hurry Usagi!)
by Neko October 20, 2004
Name of a man in Junjou Romantica. He is a writer, gay, and writes BL noveles. BL is Boy's Love. He is dating Misaki.
Usagi-san...I love you..mabye
( words come from Misaki )
by xFaixDxFlowrightx April 11, 2009
Name of the main character on the Japenese anime 'Sailor Moon'.
Usagi's secret identity was Sailor Moon.
by fudgie August 07, 2005
1) The main character in the anime Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino. Also known as Serena Tsukino in the English dub and will also be seen called "Bunny" in some countries.

2) Bunny or rabbit in Japanese. The reason for why Usagi Tsukino also is being called Bunny in some countries.

3) In Junjou Romantica, Akihiko Usami is also seen being called Usagi-san.
1) My favourite character in Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino.

2) Usagi means bunny or rabbit in Japanese.

3) Usagi is very tall.
by 紅一葉 October 07, 2012
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