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A word used to describe a common effect used in dubstep production.
Yoooooooooooooi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi yoi (The opening line of the second drop in Skrillex's track "Rock and Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)"
by Wompborn September 21, 2011
Colloquial slang for bullshit used at Shrewsbury School.
"he is good at football"
"yoi, he is crap"
by Laners December 17, 2009
An interjection, used to show a positive feeling or to exlaim excitement.

1) "Yoi!"
2) "Party tonight, yoi"
3) "Yoi, how are ya?"
4) "I'm great, yoi!"
5) "I've won the lottery, yoi!"
by ComplexSimplicity. April 12, 2009
originated in port dover, ontario
"im hungry. lets hit cheezers and get ourselfs a zza"
"yoi, im down for that"
by *protestthehero* March 31, 2007
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