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meaninq wack or borinq
yo that arty last nitee wasz yock
by smooth yung loso April 22, 2009
noun-Romany(Gypsy)word-It means eyes
The water in the swimming pool burned my yocks.
by Dinlo Stanley November 10, 2006
A yard of cock; a very large penis
I am going to yock slap you.
by ohwow75 April 27, 2011
another word for vagina
She flashed her yock at me.
by Peril May 19, 2006
in Co. Donegal a yock can be any of the following
A Car
A Lorry
A Trailer
A Tractor
A Motorbike
A Scooter
A Bicycle
A Quad
A Scrambler
A Girl that is a bit of a slut (See Mad Yock)
by jesus sir that is a quer yock you have there (Refering to a fancy car or a modified car, i.e. a corsa with a body kit and an 5 inch exhaust on it)

That Mary is a bit of a Yock, she only called off her engagement last week and now she has a new boyfriend.
by madforthecock85 February 11, 2011
Girls, Hotties
I went to Myrtle Beach and there where some serious yocks down there.
by ryanma July 24, 2008
yock is also another name for a car in Co. Donegal
AHH jaysus SIR look at that YOCK its Savage!!!!!
by Fluffyfreaker April 13, 2007
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