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good looking, attractive girls/woman. origininating from jock hornby
'omg check that bit of yoan'
'omg you got yoaned'
'safe bit of yoanage'
'check that yoan-a-cycle out'
'i made that yoan moan'
by james prattent May 24, 2007
A follower of the faith of Yoism
The room was filled with people from many religions, Christians, Muslims and Yoans.
by Igdrasa November 05, 2006
The act of auto-fellatio.
I wish I was flexible enough to yoan myself.
by Rain February 01, 2003
verb/noun. A self-replicating virus that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable scenario's, events, or documents. Usually attacking elite networks through infiltration and deception.
OMG. We are getting yoan'd.
Bloody stalker! What a yoan.
by job September 14, 2006
A kitchen utensil used in the cake baking process. Usually made of wood.
Grandmother, would you please pass me the yoan so I can begin making the cake.
by Chr!s February 01, 2003
The combination of a yawn and a moan.
Worker 1: 'What god-awful sound did you just emit? Was it a yawn or a moan?'
Worker 2: 'I had a big night and I have this nightmare presentation today so it was both.'
Worker 1: Dude, you totally just yoaned.
by LauJo August 25, 2010
Classical Greek: Defiling farm animals.
"Ewwww.. That chicken looks like it got yoaned!"
by Shoma February 01, 2003
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