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Yo-Yo: A term used to describe the sponging 10 - 14 year olds who roam around amusement arcades, accosting strangers for money. This is usually opened with the statement "Yo, yo, gimme fifty pee."
Yo-Yo's are usually sent packing with a little verbal assault (or physical assault - it's all good in this situation).
"Ah hell, Yo-Yo's at ten o'clock high."

"Yo-Yos. Just ignore 'em."
by Mondo Kane September 24, 2004
73 54
A) A greeting to friends that substitutes hi
B) A toy, usually a circular object on a string that people took too far and have tournaments over. Actually spelled yo-yo
C) A sarcastic expression of you trying to be ghetto
A) Yoyo whats up!
B) Lets play with the yoyo!
C) Yoyo whatup homie i be ghetto in the hizzy!
by pwnz0r September 17, 2003
73 61
YOYO - "You're own your own." Often used when people ask Mom a particularly stupid question regarding her duties as cook, janitor, maid, chauffeur, legal adviser, boundary maintainer, dispute negotiator, personal no-deposit ATM, etc.
The answer to the question, "What's for dinner?"

YOYO - You're on your own!
by Marthakay March 20, 2007
63 52
1. A Hi-Tec Spinning Mechanism, used for tricks and spins.
2. A word thug Gangsta's use
1. 'Seen This new Trick wit my Yo Yo'
2. 'Yo Yo, Whats up bling blingy'
by McRandoms October 28, 2005
45 34
1. an indecisive person

2. to be indecisive

3. a stupid or obnoxious person

4. a sexually promiscuous person(from the notion that the such a person has so much indiscriminate sex that their pants go up and down like a yo-yo)
He must be the biggest yo-yo ever.
by The Return of Light Joker December 29, 2007
20 10
Stands for: Your only young once.
Tom: Hey I bet you won't chug that whole bottle.
Ben: ah idk...
Tom: yoyo bro
Ben: glug* glug* glug*
by Alex (the man) Rosentreter October 03, 2008
20 12
You're On Your Own
"hey babe, i think im pregnant" "oh shit yoyo"
by ninjamonkeyiscomingforyou February 28, 2013
7 0