word used to describe a woman's vagina in a state of exitement, or loose large lips, that are easily showing through tight pants or spandex.
Mark: "Dude that girl is smugglin' a fuckin' yoyo."

John: "That fat chick has a YOYO"

Mark: "check out that yoyo!"
by 50 Rider August 17, 2006
A spin off of "yolo" meaning "You're only young once". An excuse to do stupid shit because you need to seize the day.
"We need to go skydiving, yoyo"
"I need to do this before it's too late, yoyo"
by yobabydaddy234 October 27, 2013
acronym for "You're only young once"
like yolo, but different
"are you seriously going to pull an all-nighter for fun?"
by yoyobitches April 26, 2012
Yoyo- you're only young once, a more age appropriate term of yolo for students
Alice: Owen are you going to do that cheesy grin while on avalanche ? Owen: sure , yoyo
by Blackpool April 05, 2012
The act of ejaculating in to one's hand, throwing it down in to another person's face as if releasing a yo-yo and slapping them in an upward direction as if pulling the yo-yo back.
Person 1: Dude, how did your date go?

Person 2: It was so awesome!

Person 1: you get any action?

Person 2: HELL YEAH!!! I Yo-Yo'd all over her man!!!
by Jacobsa1029 May 08, 2011
Medical slang, but can be used anywhere: Means: You're on your own. Used in a hospital on the day of discharge as in the phrase "OOB,OTD, YOYO" : Out of Bed, Out the Door, You're on your own. Can be used by parents of colleged aged kids, or by someone breaking up with someone else. .
I've had it with you, YOYO!
by DoctorSteve September 12, 2006
YOYO stands for You Only YOLO Once. When you cry YOYO out loud, you're gonna do something very stupid and gonna die doing that.
It is the apotheosis of YOLO.
Yo Jay, i'm gonna shoot myself in the face because YOYO
by LingeringRage August 27, 2016
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