You're On Your Own
"hey babe, i think im pregnant" "oh shit yoyo"
by ninjamonkeyiscomingforyou February 28, 2013
(n.) a form of childhood torture referred to as a game, usually inflicted by older children (most often siblings) upon younger ones.

The aggressor will pin their victim laying face-up on their back, sitting on their chest and making sure the victim cannot move their arms. Then the aggressor leans over the poor kid and dribbles a string of spit towards the kid's face until it almost reaches, then sucks it back into the mouth. Odds are, the longer this action is repeated, the victim will end up wearing saliva. This ritual generally lasts until either: 1) the aggressor tires of his fun, or 2) an adult intervenes.
"That bully, Ron, gave my little brother the yo-yo treatment last week, but my big brother caught him and gave him the mother of all wedgies!"
by fugitive247 October 30, 2004
a person head is going up and down sucking dick.
hey man did that girl give you some good yo-yo
by MARIO ELLIS August 29, 2007
useless idiot, any fucktard too stupid to be allowed to breed.
Sam: You hear what Dave did today?

Tom: Yeah, he skipped work then went for coffee right across the street from the office.

Sam: yeah, that fucking yo-yo's lucky he didn't lose his job.
by Del Rambo March 28, 2009
A totally amazing man with an uncanny skill at fencing, and unmistakably smooth with the ladies. If you know someone named yoyo then "Hide yo wife, Hide yo kids" .....
Yoyo stole my wife!!!!
by yobopobo May 28, 2014
you're on your own, without help
"What are we having for dinner?" "Yoyo," was his response.
by Boliver March 29, 2014
A common nickname for the Euro
Story, bud? You couldn't lend me a couple of yo-yos for a pint?
by Snake January 15, 2005

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