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A comic phrase meant to describe the look of a vagina when in tight pants or shorts. (synonyms: camel toe, moose knuckle)
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
A woman with tight pants on.

A woman who has a cameltoe.
Wow! She must be a yo-yo smoggler!
by Cleef August 02, 2005
the P.C. or (Mormon) version of cammel toe, taco pants, or the frontal pant crease.
Did you see Sister Smith in church last Sunday? That dress was so tight it looked like she was smuggling a yo-yo. eg.yo-yo smuggler.
by Dustin Bowman April 05, 2006
The term used to describe a woman with rather large labia. Also known as a cameltoe.
"Hey, look how tight her pants are. She's totally a yo-yo smuggler!"
by MYTMOWZ August 10, 2007
slang for VAGINA. certain parts of which resemble a yo yo when the classy lady is wearing a bikini
"daaaamn son dat girls yoyo-smuggler was wider than dartford tunnel"
by the_furry_cup_runneth_over September 13, 2013

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